Am medical pamphlet that you would get from your doctors office. I would like th

Am medical pamphlet that you would get from your doctors office. I would like the topic to be on heart disease.
NUR 2817C Nursing Roles Practicum
Community Health Pamphlet/Brochure Assignment
Topic: Community health is an important piece of the health care puzzle. During your preceptorship, pay attention to the clients on your assigned floor at your assigned hospital. What information is lacking for these clients? Determine which piece of the health care puzzle you can fill in for them. This will be the topic for your pamphlet; for example, the clients may need more information on HIV or HBV. Make sure that you write the pamphlet at a fifth-grade reading level. You can check readability level at the following website:
Sources/References: Make sure that you keep track of where you obtain all the information. You must list your sources on the back side of the pamphlet in APA format. At least three different sources must be used. For example, you may obtain information from the Centers for Disease Control, the American Heart Association, and the Florida Department of Health websites. Remember to reference the specific web page used, not the organization home website. References must be documented on the brochure/pamphlet in APA 7th edition format.
Community Pamphlet: Search the internet or visit our library. Find out tips to successfully create and develop a community pamphlet. Remember to identify yourself at the creator of your pamphlet: Include your name, title (Student RN), and organization (Keiser University – Fort Lauderdale campus).

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