Below is a general profile of the Founding Fathers of the United States. As I me

Below is a general profile of the Founding Fathers of the United States. As I mentioned above, they were generally the elite in their respective colonies and later in their states. Please carefully read the general information of the Founders. You don’t have to memorize the information. During colonial times and after independence, there were class and economic conflicts between the wealthy against the middle/working classes.
At the end of this page is a video on US Senator Bernie Sanders from the state of Vermont. As most of you know, if not all of you, Senator Sanders has been outspoken for decades against the growing economic disparity between the very superrich and the declining middle class, and especially the working poor. He ran for President in 2016 and 2020, almost winning the nomination in 2016. For those of you who may not know US Senator Bernie Sanders or his politics, I would highly suggest that you view the video before you start this assignment.
In this assignment, you will tell me what Senator Sanders might have said directly to the Founding Fathers if he had been with them in Philadelphia writing the US Constitution in 1988. Clearly, Sanders would have been critical of their privileges and wealth, referring to them as the “One-Percenters.”
How would Bernie link their Education, Demographics, Occupations, Wealth, Gender, and Multi-Lingual abilities to their political and economic elitism? for what Bernie might have said to the Foundering Fathers about each of the six criteria and link them to their political and economic powers, and on how these six criteria still impact the power and privileges of the superpower rich in 2022.
Be sure to list and number your five answers 1-6. Please address what you believe Senator Sanders might have said to the Founding Fathers about their economic power and link this same criteria to the political and economic elitism of the superrich today. The first answer is a sample/example that you can use if you choose. Be sure to bold the word might in your answers and be sure to bold and underline the specific information and themes directly from both the readings and video.
1, Education (schools they attended and degrees)
Senator Sanders might have said that when you look at the education of the Founding Fathers, many attended elite colleges such as Columbia, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. That these colleges were established to educate the children of the rich and that most working-class families during the colonial time could not afford any education for their children. Many of the Founders were home schooled and studied aboard. Senator Sanders might say that even today, the very wealthy families at the top one percent still send their children to the best private schools and elite universities while many middle and working-class students attend community and state colleges. Bernie might have said that one’s educational status and achievements are mainly based on one’s economic class.
Demographics (where they were born and lived)

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