For your Unit 7 Complete assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words

For your Unit 7 Complete assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below. Use at least four scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay. Cite your sources in APA format.
Using APA format and at least four APA formatted references and citations, please respond to the following questions:
1. Corporate social responsibility is a broad concept. Explain the dimensions of social responsibility. What actions should organizations take to maximize each dimension of social responsibility?
2. What is the relationship between social responsibility and organizational success and profitability? What evidence can you provide to support your position?
3. There are several potential ethical issues related to marketing strategies. Identify a recent ethical dilemma facing a marketing organization. Describe the ethical situation and the consequences for the organization, its customers, and its other stakeholders. How could the ethical dilemma be avoided?
4. Many organizations have a code of ethical conduct. Find an organization’s code of ethics and assess the code’s ability to enhance ethical decision-making within its organization. What revisions do you propose for the organization’s code of ethics?
5.Considering the many factors that may influence consumer brand preferences, how important is it for a brand to be recognized for social responsibility? How can we formulate the return on investment for CSR?

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