Many families may struggle with understanding how to support their children when

Many families may struggle with understanding how to support their children when it comes to schoolwork. In this session, you will create a set of tips, strategies, resources, and ideas on how to help at home that is tailor-made for families and their children that ties into your content area.
1) Read and annotate the materials below on how families can help their child with homework, studying, learning, and organization. Use the ideas you learn in your work here to help you prepare resources for the remainder of this session. Engaging parents in study skills Handout for parents about study skills Study skills for parents Organizational skills for teens Teach your high student organizational skills At home tips for organization for kids with ADHD Homework help for parents Addressing the digital divide in education
2) Create a handout that contains two strategies for families on each of the topics below. When you are choosing strategies to share in your handout, be sure to use the feedback you collected on the families in your school community to share the most helpful and appropriate ideas and tips. In addition, inherent in the strategies you share here should be evidence that you considered the cultural and personal identities and backgrounds of your students and their families.
a) Homework Help
b) Study Skills
c) Content-related learning tips or resources
d) Organization tips
e) School-related stress management
3) Share your handout with your Learning Partners and other course participants in Forum 5 to solicit feedback on the tips and ideas you included in your handout. Ask others to comment on the perceived benefits on student learning that the tips you shared should have for classroom students.
4) Make any necessary or suggested changes to your handout after reviewing the feedback you received from your Learning Partners.
5) Design a short survey to share with your handout for families. The purpose of your survey is to help you determine if families found your handout helpful or not.
6) Share your handout and survey with families. Collect feedback if you can, and use that feedback to help you plan future activities and learning experiences.
7) Reflect upon this assignment and prior assignments. How do they help students with learning outcomes? How do they help with family engagement? Write a one-page reflection paper.
8) Upload your survey, handout, and reflection paper here for grading.

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