this is basiclly a autobeography on my intriduction to art and my journey as an

this is basiclly a autobeography on my intriduction to art and my journey as an artist.
i already have a draft written up and ive included it down below
Kristina Lombard
LA 108: Composition for the Artist
Simone Scott
18 September 2022
Artist Journey
My journey as an artist started many years back. My family lived in a small town in northern Michigan when I was born. Just as in many towns in the United States of America, summertime was quite hectic. I spend most of my time going around our small town, admiring beautiful murals painted on the side of buildings in the neighborhood. The artworks were such magnificent that they created beautiful memories of my childhood to date. Unfortunately, many of the buildings have either been repainted or brought down. Growing up, I never liked my name. I suppose it is because of how my mother used to say it oddly or how my elementary teachers would call me “Kristen” that I hated my name. I, therefore, preferred being called Kris.
At school, I spent most of my time in the library. As I picked out books to read, I grew interested in going through art-themed books, especially those with art covers. I recall some of the books with artistic covers were R.L Stine’s Goosebumps books. There were a collection of about 20 books with scary but interesting art on their covers, but I managed to read all of them during the same period. They grew my passion for art to another level.
Later in life, I joined high school with the great hope of furthering my passion for art. I found high school quite boring and never liked any bit of it. My shy nature got me quiet and alone most of the time. Due to this, I fell into depression and anxiety attacks. That is how I started to doodle to distract my thoughts. I remember one day during class; our teacher found me doodling during class time instead of writing some assignments she had given us. I went through a disciplinary process I will live to remember. Depression took me a notch further, and I began to have a strange fear of death. I felt someone was watching me, and this made me paranoid. My passion for art died, and I did not want to draw anymore. I felt that this was not really my journey and that my life and a different path away from art. As I was to learn later in life, it was not true. I studied and completed high school without getting involved in any art activity.
Eventually, after I had finished high school, I went back home and started looking for a job. I found a job as a hostess in a restaurant near my neighborhood. The restaurant had an upper deck, and I spent most of my time there when I was not very busy. From there, I got a glimpse of one of the buildings with beautiful artwork during my childhood. My art inspiration started growing again. Looking at the plain wall inspired me to start drawing again. I had this great conviction that one day I would get a chance to paint beautiful artwork on the side of one of the buildings in that neighborhood. The passion that had once died started coming to life. Eventually, I managed to awaken the beast in me; honestly, I was very happy. I felt more inspired to pursue art than I had ever been before. I was sure my journey in life was to become an artist. This made me enjoy my work more, and I hope to raise funds to start my art career. This went on until covid 19 hit the world.
Due to the pandemic, I lost my job. I went back to staying home most of the time like everybody else. I spent most of my time on various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. During this time, I would watch videos on art. I kept watching, hoping that one day the pandemic would end, so I officially started my art career. Some of the videos I grew interested in were hand-poked tattoos. I was bored of staying in the house, so I bought myself a tattoo drawing kit. Surprisingly, I discovered I was very decent at doing tattoos! This excited me, and I wanted to make a career. This got me at a crossroads; I got a bit confused about which path to follow. I still wanted to pursue a career in drawing and painting. The thought lingered in my mind for a while, and finally, I decided, why not pursue both?
As I continue doing my practice every day, I hope that one day I will actualize my dream and become a renowned artist across the world. Like many artists who have struggled throughout their lives to make their art careers and are now great, I wish that my artist journey will inspire hundreds of upcoming artists and my art will go up to the international level. I also hope and dream of starting my tattoo shop with an art studio in the front.
Here are some details i need to include
My favorite form of at is abstract. I can easily draw something out of nothing, but I struggle with drawing what’s in front of me.
I absolutely hate the phrase “look at how good you have it” Ive constantly heard that threw out my childhood from my mother. Most of my childhood she was absent from my life but she was always there. She always had a drink in her hand if a man was over acting like someone I didn’t recognize. She sobered up in my teen years. I feel like ive never had it good with the struggles I grew up. I’ve never really felt like I fit in with society.
my essay also needs a title ill let you decide on that.
this is going to be the final and compleate draft so feel free to fix anythig you want.

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