W1 Paper Please select 1 of the following 2 options, or you are welcome to answe

W1 Paper
Please select 1 of the following 2 options, or you are welcome to answer both options (in order to meet min word count). Or, you can select Option #3:
Option #1
(Ch. 1) Read about “Global Migration” in the class text (Reilly, 2019, p. 7). Did anything stand out to you as interesting? According to Reilly, where did most homo species originate? How did the early humans make it from continent-to-continent?
Option #2
(Ch. 2) In Ch. 2 Reilly (2019) discussed the world’s first urban civilizations. In your opinion, what are the lasting legacies of these early urban civilizations? The power of kings and armies? The improvement of agricultural output in order to meet the demands of the cities? The growth of cities? The growth of knowledge, such as in the development of words and language? But, these developments had negative consequences too, such as the development of social classes and slaves, right?
Reilly, K. (2019). The Human Journey: A Concise Introduction to World History (2nd ed.). Rowman & Littlefield.
Option #3
The Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, 9/28, at 1pm EST, “The Rise of National Populism in Western Democracies,” is a non-class event and participation is not required. However, it will be very interesting and it is only 1 hour. If you do attend, you can submit as your W1 Paper submission your feedback on this Zoom Meeting. 75 min words and no source analysis; just your commentary on the Zoom Meeting.
This is a commentary-based essay only; you may consult the literature/news resources to help you prepare your answer, but your paper must be the result of your own personal commentary and opinions only.
Due by Sunday
Paper must be submitted in Word format only
400 (min) – 500 (max) words
Requirements: (1) Answer question(s), (2) Meet min word count, (3) Indent each paragraph, & (4) Double-space your paper
You will be penalized if you include any of the following: Title Page, running header, page #’s, References Page, your name on paper, title, etc. — No formatting, content only
You will also be penalized if you have a high SafeAssign score; this will show that you excessively utilized information from your sources to help you prepare your paper. The key to preparing for this paper is to read about the question you are addressing and then to formulate your own opinion without relying on your sources!
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Note: Papers with a high SafeAssign score will be scored as a “0”. It is extremely important that you do not copy directly from any other source, including other student papers!

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