For this essay, follow the instructions listed below. Do not respond to each que

For this essay, follow the instructions listed below. Do not respond to each question/command
individually; instead, write your responses in essay form, tying them together into a flowing paper,
using headings when needed.
Part I: Probation and Parole Revocation Offender Rights
Find the probation and parole revocation procedures for two different states; these will work as your two external
sources. Make sure each state has a section on the legal rights due to offenders. Be consistent, and make sure to only
use probation or parole procedures for your selections.
External sources should be limited to websites with copies of the actual legal code. Examples are,, or the state’s legal code website.
Compare and contrast at least one legal right for probation or parole violators between each state.
Using not just your chosen legal rights, how do the rights from each of these states differ? What are their similarities? Do
you prefer one state’s rights and procedures over another? Explain.
Part II: Case Study
Refer to page 190 in the textbook, and review Case B: Parolee York, Aggravated Assault.
Put yourself into the shoes of a state parole board. In the case of Parolee York, what decision would you make regarding
her parole? Your options are 1) modification and retention under community supervision, 2) modification with graduated
sanction, and 3) revocation and return to prison. Justify your response.
If you make the case for modification, what modifications would you utilize?
For this assignment, you are to write an APA-style essay. Your essay should be at least three pages in length, not counting
the title page and references page. Make certain to support your essay with two external sources, not including the textbook
(although the textbook can be used as an additional source). Be sure to review the rubric before writing the essay.
CaSE B: Parolee york, aggravated assault
Parolee York was convicted and sent to prison for two years for aggravated assault. She has a history of violent behavior and anger management issues. She has no known drug nor alcohol problems and until recently was a dishwasher at Joe’s Pancake House. She has been under parole supervision with you for the last five months and for a time was reporting reg- ularly. Special conditions of Ms. York’s supervision require she complete anger management classes by the end of her term, which is supposed to end in seven months if all goes well. Anger management treatment takes three months, and the program has a waiting list of clients who are court-or- dered to attend treatment. Ms. York had repeatedly stated she would undergo an anger management assessment but just never has. When you call to verify employment at the restaurant, her employer says that she quit coming three weeks ago and has been replaced by another dishwasher. Now two weeks have gone by since you called Joe’s Pancake House and still no sign of Ms. York. She won’t return your phone calls. She missed her regular appointment with you this afternoon. You called the jail to see whether she had been picked up, but police have had no contact with her. What should you do next?

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