Imagine that you are a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigator, and y

Imagine that you are a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigator, and you are speaking to new recruits at the FBI training facility in Quantico. Your topic revolves around interview/interrogation techniques and profiling of suspects. You begin discussing a serial killer case that you have just been assigned. Because you have just begun your investigation, you have called on the services of a crime scene profiler to begin narrowing down suspects with whom you want to speak.
This project should cover the following topics:
a brief description of crime scene profiling and its various types and
a description of which type(s) of profiling you feel would be the best to use for your specific case and why you feel that way.
You will also discuss how you might interview/interrogate individuals once you begin narrowing your focus on specific suspects. Be sure to include the following topics:
which type of interview/interrogation technique you will use and how you determined the type and
a description of how you might use the technique that you chose when interviewing a suspect.
Your project must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. You should have at least four references,
part two Discuss the importance of specific training for law enforcement officers to deal with juveniles.
Compare and contrast the three levels of delinquency prevention programming, and provide an example of each.
Discuss the steps in the juvenile justice process. Be sure to discuss the decision points and the key players involved in each stage.

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