In this assignment you will review health trends within your community to identi

In this assignment you will review health trends within your community to identify existing health inequities. You will identify the root causes of the inequities and conduct a comparative analysis with other counties to identify differences that can explain the causes of the inequities or provide a possible solution for the inequities. You will use your findings from this assignment in next week’s assignment, for which you will develop a strategy for addressing one of the inequities through policy change or creation.
Research the health trends of 3 counties in the state where you live. One county should be the county where you live. Additionally, you can either choose 2 neighboring counties or 1 county that has better health trend results than your county as well as 1 that has worse health trend results.
Part 1
Create a table that compares health trend results for the 3 counties within your state. See the example that compares 3 counties in North Carolina. The health trend data should include the following:
Health Outcomes: Length of Life
Health Outcomes: Quality of Life (Choose 3)
Health Factors: Health Behaviors (Choose 3)
Health Factors: Clinical Care (Choose 3)
Health Factors: Social and Economic Factors (Choose 3)
Health Factors: Physical Environment (Choose 2)
Compare and contrast the health trends of the three counties.
Conduct a root cause analysis of the 3 top inequities in your county to determine the root cause of the negative SDOH that are creating the inequities – the underlying reasons that create differences seen in health outcomes.
Part 2
Write a 750-word analysis of the 3 counties’ health trends in which you:
Identify health inequities in your county.
Discuss the social determinants of health that contribute to the existence of the inequities.
Explain the results of the root cause analysis.
Describe the specific populations affected by the inequities and provide data that substantiates the composition of the population.
This will require digging deeper into the data, which will mean looking at race and ethnicity, income, education, age, gender,
sexual orientation, disability, and place of residence as factors that can define the population.
Explain the main commonalities among all 3 counties. Explain the reasons for the differences.
Assess the impact of county-specific policies that may be perpetuating positive or negative health outcomes. Explain whether modifications should be made to these policies to improve health outcomes or if new policies would be created to address the existing inequities.
Indicate any resource disparities among the counties and explain how these disparities influence the inequities.
Cite at least 5 scholarly references, one of which may be Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care.

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