Jenci – I will send you my comments via email. I’ve graded this very leniently –

Jenci – I will send you my comments via email. I’ve graded this very leniently – if it was your final draft it would not pass because there are zero primary sources. Please be sure to closely review the how your paper will be assessed section. We also had previous assignments that asked you to identify possible primary sources and you did find a trove of posters that you could use. Another recurring problem, which is most likely related, is that the paper is very repetitive. This makes a lot of sense since there is no close discussion and analysis of primary sources. There is little detailed evidence provided to back up the claims made, and hence the same claims are repeated over and over again. You also devote a lot of space to events outside of the 1871-1933 Germany time period. Perhaps this is because you only have a handful of secondary sources. We talked in class about how you will want to have at least as many sources as pages of writing (so 20-25 sources) and that the assigned class readings provide a good model of how many footnotes you will need and sources you will need. This is just a first draft so don’t be disheartened! It’s great to get this stuff out on the first draft and now you know how to move forward.
I had this paper written and he did not follow the instructions given. This is a primary source based paper, which could be anything, but I was going to find advertisment to use, doesn’t need to be all primary, just a few with secondary sources also. It has to be within the years given. This is the notes from my professor and also there are notes in red in the paper in the uploaded files that need to be followed.

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