Kings County Hospital Center is a municipal hospital located in the East Flatbus

Kings County Hospital Center is a municipal hospital located in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. It is owned and operated by NYC Health + Hospitals, a municipal agency that runs New York City’s public hospitals.
Informed by General Systems Theory, this paper will include an assessment of your agency work environment and patient care delivery model to design and implement a collaborative evidence-based improvement project that will enhance individual and family, organizational, and population health outcomes.
Complete an agency needs assessment, (including a review of the agency’s Strategic Plan and QI Performance Measures), and subsequently plan to change a current process within your workplace. This will entail a review of related literature, the identification of possible solutions and the selection of and rationale for the best solution. This will entail an analysis of the current process, the development of an implementation plan, a statement of your anticipated outcomes, and your identification of the project implications for practice, policy, finance, and research. Please use a specific problem solving / redesign methodology (e.g., LEAN, Six Sigma, etc.). The paper should be no more than 15 pages in length and must include at least 8 recent and relevant references no older than 5 years.
Evaluation Breakdown
Intro to Project & Organization (15 % total)
• Identify the organization and related work environment area of concentration. Discuss organizational structure (key points referred to in text, attach your organizational chart (macro chart) and patient care delivery model including identifying key stakeholders at the executive and/or mentor level within. (Depict within the Appendix) (5%)
• State the organization’s Mission, Vision & Values (2%)
• Define, review and discuss an aspect of your agency Strategic Plan (relevant to your identified and needed clinical initiative) (3%)
• Is your agency a High-Performing Agency? If yes or no, provide a rationale for your response. Be data specific. (5%)
Innovation & Applicable (5 % total)
• Identify a needed EBP practice change in the clinical setting and rationale for selection. Describe the current process (provide 3-6 months of baseline data). (5%)
General Systems Theory (5% total)
• Define General Systems Theory and the implications related to your identified EBP QI practice change. (5%)
EB Lit Review (25% total)
• Develop a grid to track your literature (recent and relevant) within peer-review journals. Synthesize and summarize within text of your paper and include the grid within your Appendix (15%)
• In accordance with your literature review findings, identify at least 2 possible solutions and select one solution to implement; provide rationale (5%)
• Select a team to implement the project. Identify the team members and roles within the team (e.g., team leader, nursing and interprofessional team members, QI staff member, stake holders, end users, etc.). (5%)
Action Plan (20 % total)
• Discuss your action plan (include design methodology) and evaluation process). Include your team process to communicate your ideas and incorporate the suggestions of others (10%)
• Assess the organization’s readiness for this change: Define and include a Force Field Analysis (Lewin, 1951). Discuss findings within text, and place FFA chart within Appendix. (5%)
Analysis and/or Conclusions (20% total)
• Utilize Felgen’s I2E2 Methodology for project sustainability (10%)
• Summarize your project and add an anticipated timeframe for project implementation and outcomes. (10%)
Style & Format (10% total)
• APA format 7th edition, clarity, style, grammar (10%)

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