Leaders will write a (3.5-5 pages in length, not including title and reference p

Leaders will write a (3.5-5 pages in length, not including title and reference pages) APA paper analyzing and discussing the funding system and formula for their state’s schools.
Product Elements:
Name of the state: (Mississippi)
Brief descriptive paragraph including background information like the number of schools and districts statewide, a description of the funding structure, when the current funding structure was adopted, aims of the system, State Constitutional provision for education (educational guarantee), etc…
What is the proportion of funding that comes from each of the major revenue categories: state, local, and federal? Other major funding sources?
What are the major categories of state spending in the P-12 education budget? What are the proportions of the budget dedicated to these purposes?
A review of state funding trends, including average per pupil spending and student/teacher ratio. Also look for district funding distribution information. What, if any, funds are provided to assure greater equity for students, schools, and or districts? E.g. funds that address low-wealth districts, disadvantaged students, etc. How much is the wealthiest district spending on their students versus the least wealthy district? How do these numbers compare with national averages? What do these numbers say about the equity and/or adequacy of education in your chosen state?
Which of the funding structures described in our class discussion does the one adopted by your state most closely resemble? Explain your reasoning.
An overview of key political issues on education finance over the last decade
Review of recent school finance litigation (last 20 years)
To complete this assignment, you may find it helpful to consult your state’s department of education page, the state legislation, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), and the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) (specifically helpful are the State Education Data Profiles but there is lots of additional helpful information on there). You may also find the website Ebuild helpful using the URL http://funded.edbuild.org/

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