Search for and choose a scientific article published in the popular press (News

Search for and choose a scientific article published in the popular press (News sources that you regularly seek out; more about this in class) that deals with any topic covered up to that point during lecture (see schedule “AR”).
In a one-page minimum review, your written response will include two sections. The first part will be a brief one or two paragraph summary of your chosen article. In the second section explain how the article is related to topics covered in class. Include in your discussion why you chose it. Using information learned in class, state your opinion regarding the accuracy of the premise and the strength of the conclusions in the article and defend your opinion.
The chosen article has to have been published since 2010. Reviews should be 1 page minimum in length and no longer than 2 pages (not including citation).
The formatting is standard margins, 1.5 spacing and 12-point font. You will upload your review to Canvas by the date and time stated or it will be considered late and points deducted. Quality of content and adherence to instructions will also influence your score.
Include a standard citation method of your choice.
For example: Author. Date. Title. Source. Link (if applicable)
Dyer et al. 2012. Novel insights into tritrophic interaction diversity and chemical ecology using 16 years of volunteer supported research. American Entomologist 58:15-19.
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