Writing Assignment- Five Paragraph Persuasive Essay A persuasive essay takes a s

Writing Assignment-
Five Paragraph Persuasive Essay
A persuasive essay takes a stance on a topic by stating a thesis and then justifying it by using research, logic, and examples from reliable sources. It must be written from an academic third-person point of view.
Write a five-paragraph persuasive essay in which you take a stand on the article,
Why Prisons Don’t Work” by Wilbert Rideau. Your thesis will either agree or disagree with Rideau’s article. This does not mean you will be using your personal opinion. This is an academic persuasive essay, so it must be written in a third-person point of view using scholarly library sources to back up your claims.
~Begin by introducing the title and author of the primary source. Your thesis must be the last sentence in the introduction, It must be in the form of an argument and state your purpose (agree or disagree) without using first-person pronouns.
~Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, include a correctly cited quote, and end with a transition sentence.
~The conclusion must restate the thesis and briefly summarize the points covered in the body paragraphs.
~You must include a References page for your sources.
~”Why Prisons Don’t Work” is one of your sources, so you must correctly cite the textbook as a source. The other two must be scholarly sources from the UIU Library Databases (see link below).
~Develop a creative title that informs readers of the topic and your side of the argument.
~You must use APA formatting – Title page, Page Numbers, References Page, and Double space, 12 pt. Times New Roman font (no Abstract).
~Use APA format to cite your sources on the References page. One source will be the textbook article, the other 2 must be scholarly library database sources.
5 points will be deducted for each source that is not from the library databases.
~The essay must be written in 7th edition APA format and contain 5 well-developed paragraphs (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion) and 3 cited sources (use 1 quote per body paragraph). No quotes in the introduction or conclusion

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