Your task is twofold: 1. You will write your own analysis of the film’s argument

Your task is twofold:
1. You will write your own analysis of the film’s argument and how the appeals
contribute to its construction,
2. AND you will also analyze how two published reviews represent the film.
Although you must be knowledgeable about the film, your essay should balance
your interpretation and analysis with the media sources’ depiction of the film, its
themes and artistic techniques. Locate two reviews of the film you’ve selected.
Pick from reputable film review online sources, articles from newspapers or
magazines, etc. Avoid personal/blog reviews. Your essay will be more
interesting if you seek sources that take varied, perhaps even extreme, stances. In
other words, don’t just use the first sources you find if they all take similar
positions. In this essay, you will also argue which of the sources you’ve
selected most effectively and convincingly argues its points. Of course, you
must support your position. You do not have to agree with the author’s biases or
even to like the article in question to argue that it succeeds as a piece of rhetoric.
Remember to analyze both the film and the articles. Don’t get caught up in arguing for
or against the film’s ideas. Even as you argue (in third person) which author creates the
strongest argument, you are not making a personal statement, but a claim based upon
evidence from the text. You may need to use the rhetorical modes such as definition,
compare/contrast, classification/division, cause/effect, exemplification and illustration to
make your points clear. This is not a film summary, but an analysis. Make sure to
address the presence of pathos, ethos and logos in the film and in the reviews.
Create a Works Cited page with at least 3-4 entries (including primary sources like the
film itself) and secondary sources (like the reviews). Do not include tertiary sources
(like encyclopedias). This must be in alphabetical order and in correct MLA format.
MLA Guidelines: typed formal paper with works cited page, double spaced, 1″ margins
4-5 pages

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