An extended definition is a detailed clarification of an object, mechanism, proc

An extended definition is a detailed clarification of an object, mechanism, process, or concept. As discussed in your text, there is no one way to extend a definition. The analysis of both the purpose of the larger document to which the definition belongs and the audience to whom it is addressed will determine the direction you take in elaboration.
To begin, you will need to select the subject to be defined. Try to select a subject with which you have some interest or familiarity. Some examples might be anti-lock brakes, pliers, banjo, chop sticks (food utensils), food pyramid, radiation therapy (cancer treatment), Montessori method, yoga, integrated circuit, YouTube, sustainable farming, or Amendment IV to the United States Constitution. There are of course other options available. The primary consideration is how to define your chosen object or process to suit your intended audience (review PSTC chapter 4 to help conceive your audience).
Next, you will need to identify a context for your definition, which will involve a bit of creative thinking. You should imagine a larger document that needs a definition of the term you have selected. For example, if you select “anti-lock brakes,” you might imagine that your definition will appear in the operator’s manual for a new car. The targeted audience member would be a new car owner, who is potentially unfamiliar with what an anti-lock braking system is, how it operates, and what it is designed to protect against.
After you have identified the larger document and the audience, you will be ready to decide how to extend your definition. Consult your notes from class and the readings from your text to decide which techniques (examples, partition, process description, analogy, etc.) you will employ in your definition (see PSTC pp. 390-394).
Attached to the front of your completed definition paper you will need to write a brief memo to your instructor indicating the document to which the definition belongs, the audience for the definition, and how your assessment of the audience affected your definition strategy.
If your definition will be improved by the use of a graphic or photo, include one. Be sure to cite the source of the graphic directly below its insertion in the text with a simple “Courtesy of (web address).”
You will need to consult at least three sources to write a good definition. See PSTC Appendix A, “Documenting Your Sources,” pp. 405-484. Choose one documentation style and apply it to your definition. IEEE is the most conventional documentation style for technical writing; however, you may use MLA or APA style if you choose.
Minimum page length
1-2 pages
Cover Letter
When you are ready to submit your final draft in, you must include a cover letter at the beginning of this document, before your final draft begins. Your cover letter must summarize and explain the revisions you made to your original draft.
Let’s Reach for an A!
The default grade for this assignment (and this course) is a B. If you would like to earn a grade of “A” for this assignment, you must do the following:
In addition to the assignment’s main purpose, you will extend the definition using at least two more techniques.
For example, if you chose to define and describe how GPS works using partition, process descriptions, and analogies, you might also want to include examples and cause and effect. In your memo, you must address who your audience is and why these extra techniques provide an even better clarification of what you are trying to define.
It does not have to be perfect, but it must demonstrate a good faith attempt to develop nuance in your argument by demonstrating that you can explain a concept using a variety of different strategies. Also, you are demonstrating in your memo why you chose those strategies, given your intended audience and purpose.
Note: If you want to earn an “A” in this course, you must make good faith attempts to complete the “Let’s Reach for an A!” sections in 2 of the 4 major assignments.
Final Submission Checklist
I have included a cover letter as the first page of my assignment where I summarize and explain what revisions I made to my draft.
I have chosen to define and describe what something is and how it works.
I have not provided a how-to guide on how to do something. I understand these are considered instructions, which are covered in the next unit.
I have used a variety of techniques to define my concept.
I have included a memo that justifies my rationale for extending the definition.
If I want to earn an “A,” I have made a good faith attempt to fulfill the requirements in the “Let’s Reach for an A!” section.
I have included in-text citations and a Works Cited/Reference page.
I have formatted my paper

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