Assignment Question Marketing Orientation and Product Orientation are, arguably,

Assignment Question
Marketing Orientation and Product Orientation are, arguably, two opposite ends of the customer orientation spectrum. Write a report that:
Identifies positive and negative aspects of each approach and draws conclusions as to which of the two approaches is the most appropriate for long term business success, explaining your rationale clearly
Suggest, using examples, what steps a business may take to adjust its orientation and what challenges this may create
You should choose one of the frameworks covered in this module to help you, for example, STEEPLE, SWOT, or the Ansoff Matrix.
As with any assignment, start with a brief introduction outlining
what you hope to address within the report. This helps to
introduce the reader to the context of the assignment.
‘This report will aim to define and identify the positive and
negatives aspects of marketing orientation and product
orientation. Using examples, the report will propose the steps a
business may take to adjust orientation and the challenges this
can create within the organisation.
“The focus of this report will be understanding and evaluating
market orientation and product orientation. These are two
completely different marketing methods but are used frequently in
the marketing and selling of products.
Looking into these two subjects deeper, gaining an understanding
on the advantages and disadvantages of both and reviewing
which of these works best for organisations, making them a
success in the process.
Some of the advantages of a marketing orientation may include:
Marketing orientation can help build customer relationships
Marketing-oriented organisations are more flexible to facing
changes in the environment as they are used to dealing with
changes and can adjust quicker and respond to change.
Marketing orientation builds deeper relationships with customers
based on value.
Businesses can adapt more quickly to changing environments to
help in customers’ needs and wants
Negative Aspects could include:
Can affect the ability to stay in competition with product-focused
Significant cost implications due to the requirement to invest in
marketing research and technology.
Frequent changes in strategy and the continuous adaption of
products would be an ongoing investment that can be costly to
the business.
The learning outcomes for this assignment are:
Identify influences on consumer behaviour
Analyse the marketing mix.
Resources Attached to files:
Blythe, J. &
Martin, J. (2019) Essentials of Marketing. 7th Ed. Harlow: Pearson
•Chapter 2 – The Marketing Environment
•Chapter 3 – Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
• Chapter 4 – Segmenting, targeting and positioning

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