Debunking Bad Science Discussion Now that you all are good with finding high-qua

Debunking Bad Science Discussion
Now that you all are good with finding high-quality evidenced based practice papers – can you spot the bad ones?
With the advent of social media, news sites/blogs, and viral information the instances of faulty information being disseminated has increased exponentially. It is now more important than ever to do research outside of the immediate article when it comes to scientific claims made by the media or by individuals on social media. This assignment is meant to help you better identify the following:
-Headlines that are based on bad/non-existent science but have headlines that indicate they are based on scientific evidence.
-Science with sensationalism. Promotes unfounded/lofty claims to scientific results. (where did the research take place/ how profound are the findings)
-Pseudoscience (Astrology, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, etc.)
In this assignment, you are to find either a news story/blog/website that contains misinformation that is being disseminated OR if you are aware of a journal article that is not valid (junk science).
The topic can be anything related to healthcare, preferably regarding mental health, however, other healthcare areas are accepted that are well known to be hit hard with misinformation such as vaccines, especially the misinformation with the COVID-19 vaccines.
Post the news story/blog/website OR the journal article and a write few sentences of the claim and utilize the evidence as to why this claim is wrong
You are welcome to respond to your peer’s posting, but it is not necessary. If you do, please remember:
APA Code of Ethics

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