For this assignment, you need to watch one hour of television without distractio

For this assignment, you need to watch one hour of television without distractions (FB, email, talking, etc.). You need to choose one show to watch for the hour, so it can be two half hour episodes or one one hour episode. You are analyzing the episodes that you watch NOT the series as a whole. You will lose points if you don’t specifically discuss the episode(s) you watch.
1. While watching the show, take notes regarding the following:
Gender and Sexuality
a. What types of roles feature women?
b. What types of roles feature men?
c. How are men and women portrayed interacting?
d. What type of sexuality is shown (heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi, trans)?
a. How diverse is the cast of the show?
b. Which roles are given to non-white characters?
c. How much screen time is given to different characters?
a. What types of violent acts are portrayed in this show? In what context?
b. Who are the perpetrators of violence?
c. Who are the victims of violence?
a. How much sex is shown on the show?
b. In what context is sex portrayed and between whom?
3. Based on your notes, write a reflection on your viewing that addresses the following: What kinds of messages – directly and indirectly – did the show give about gender, sexuality, and race/ethnicity? What types of messages did it give about sex and violence? How realistic do you think the show is?
Do not answer these questions individually; rather, write up a coherent, well-organized reflection of AT LEAST 250 words in an essay format.

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