Law and Ethics – PowerPoint Presentation Presentation Scenario / Presentation in

Law and Ethics – PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation Scenario / Presentation instructions:
As you have read, the Clean Air Act of 1970 regulates the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Under this law, national ambient air-quality standards are set, and the release of certain major pollutants – particulates, toxins, and compounds that deplete stratospheric ozone, that contribute to acid rain, and that are dangerous to human health.
For this assignment, design a Power Point Presentation that will address the concerns of a community the size of Freeport Texas, and a company the size of Olin. This presentation will assure the community that proper precautions and resources are available to prevent violations of the Clean Air Act of 1970.
Please ensure that every slide has a title at the top explaining what the slide covers. To complete this assignment, a minimum of two reputable sources must be used, cited, and referenced. Add citations in proper APA format, use applicable pictures or graphics, use a slide template, and avoid wordy slides by focusing on bullet points. Remember, this is an academic presentation.
Your presentation should be at least 10 slides in length. You may also use the slide notes function to explain slide contents as necessary. (Voice over required) In addition, the presentation should have a title slide and a references slide.
At least one additional resources should be used in addition to your textbook, and each should be cited and referenced properly using APA formatting.
ISBN: 9781305972490

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