Lesson Plan Critique For this assignment, you will need to: 1. Locate a lesson p

Lesson Plan Critique
For this assignment, you will need to:
1. Locate a lesson plan that you feel you can critically examine.
2.Critically evaluate the types of teaching strategies, including major components of the
lesson, that are advocated by the academic community as best practice for the subject
being taught (Arts, Languages, Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities, etc.) and how it can
be beneficially used to deliver this lesson.
3. Reflect upon the content and structure in relation to the learners that the lesson plan
is designed for (Adult/Mature learners, Higher Education, Secondary/Primary students,
Students with SENs, Cultural setting)
4. Describe or choose a teaching approach (guided inquiry, problem based learning,
case studies, discovery learning, cooperative learning, collaborative learning, direct
instruction, mastery learning, task based learning, experiential learning, etc.) that you
feel best suits the lesson plan – explain why. Reflect on the advantages and shortfalls of
the teaching strategy/approach in relation to the lesson plan, the learning that needs to
take place and how it is being assessed along with any other aspects, such as
differentiated instruction, EdTech.
5. Critically examine the lesson in relation to (a) what is being taught and why (topic,
objectives, content, assessment, methods, resources, assessment, etc.), (b) the role of
pre-requisite knowledge and/or skills, (c) the learning outcomes and their relationship to
assessment, (d) how learning outcomes and conceptual knowledge are being assessed.
4. Produce a short 1,500 word report (remember to use your appendices, e.g. lesson
plan, lesson materials and sheets).

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