Requirements: Your Final Ethics Research Paper must meet the following guideline

Requirements: Your Final Ethics Research Paper must meet the following guidelines:
 Topic Is Bp Oil Spill .
 3,500 – 4,000 total words
 Minimum 500 words Christian worldview discussion included in total
 APA-compliant formatting, including title and References page(s)
 Minimum of six scholarly references (not counting textbook and Bible)
 Turnitin similarity index should not exceed 20%
 Final References page in APA format
 Paper should include the following discussion:
• Overview of the facts of the ethical problem.
• Identification of primary individuals involved in the ethical
lapse, their relationship/position with respect to the matter, and
what they did that contributed to the ethical lapse.
• Evaluate the ethical situation by going through each step of the
Baird Decision Model. Be sure to address each of the Four Ethical Lenses and related questions. Your evaluation should include an assessment of what occurred and what would have been a better approach. Explain the consequences that resulted from the ethical lapse and whether you believe the consequences were appropriate and adequate.
• Discuss how a Christian worldview would impact the approach to the ethical situation. You must include references to specific Scriptures to support your position. • Explain what you would now adopt as part of your personal statement of values as a result of your case study that will help you to avoid engaging in the same or similar ethical lapse.

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