Table of Contents (TOC) Title Page No. 1. Executive Summary 2. Descript

Table of Contents (TOC)
Title Page No.
1. Executive Summary
2. Description of Company
3. Strategic Plan/Focus
4. Situation Analysis External (Business Environment)
5. Situation Analysis Internal (SWOT Analysis)
6. Market-Product Focus (Goals and Objectives)
7. Business Strategy
8. Marketing Mix – 4(7) P’s
9. Financial Projections
10. Implementation Plan
11. Evaluation Metrics
12. Appendices
13. References
Detailed Table of Contents (TOC)
1. Executive Summary:
One-page writeup that briefly talks about the entire marketing plan in a nutshell to someone who do not want to read the entire report. Though this comes first in the report but is written last to summarize the whole marketing plan.
2. Description of Company:
Introduce the business/ company background, and the offering that needs to be marketed. You can choose any existing or hypothetical company and its offerings to develop your marketing plan.
3. Strategic Plan/Focus:
The key strategies adopted with regards to the mission, vision, business competence, and marketing objectives. This reasoning should map up with the specific goals and objectives to be detailed later.
4. External Situation Analysis (Business Environment):
External situational analysis discussing the competitive (level of competition), social, cultural, political, legal (regulatory) environments. Available business infrastructure for product distribution, banking and finance, insurance, consumer protection laws etc.
5. Internal Situation Analysis (SWOT Analysis):
Internal situational analysis discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the firm in the target market.
6. Market-Product Focus (Goals and Objectives):
Defined in terms of measurable outcomes such as expected increase in sales, market share, positioning, or awareness, within the constraints of given time, scope, and budget.
7. Business Strategy:
Outline the business strategy followed – cost leadership, product differentiation, or a mix of both.
8. Marketing Mix – 4(7) P’s:
4 or 7 P’s of marketing mix for the offering discussed. The product or service with key features, how it is priced competitively, how will it be distributed, and how do you plant to promote the same.
9. Financial Projections:
Develop and discuss the costs, and expected return on investment in measurable metrics, for example, expected increases in sales, revenue, profits, market share, stock value, brand equity etc.
10. Implementation Plan:
Provide a brief summary of the timeline of implementation of the proposed marketing plan.
11. Appendices:
Develop a one-page print advertisement of your product/service with the logos’, pictures, tag lines that looks professional.
12. References:
Make sure to give credit to the resources you use by listing them as reference, even if it is a website. Use APA format for citations and references. The APA referencing style is an “author-date” style, so the citation in the text consists of the author(s) and the year of publication given wholly or partly in round brackets. Use only the surname of the author(s) followed by a comma and the year of publication.
General Guidelines and Suggestions:
1. The plan report should follow the above order and format including the title page, table of contents, and all the headers.
2. A 10 to 12-page report, single spaced, using “Times New Roman” 12-point font should be preferably used. Justify your writeup on both the sides. The report needs to be paged using bottom right corner with “page 1 of 10” type paging format. Use the header to provide the title and a footer with your name and SIUE ID/along with the page number.
3. This work should reflect creativity and originality. Any kind of duplicity or plagiarism, without proper credit and references will have profound consequences and will impact your scores. Make sure to give credit and cite any information taken from other sources, in the list of references.
4. You are free to develop a marketing plan for any existing or imaginary product or a service, sports team, organization, charity cause, social service, environmental campaign, donation program, blood collection drives, or your future business plans
5. Try to be creative and do a good and professional job. Adding some visuals, tables, and charts makes a marketing plan report appealing and interesting compared to just plain monotonous text.

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