this is 10 pages into my thesis writing i will attach literature review so you

this is 10 pages
into my thesis writing
i will attach literature review so you familiarise yourself with the work
so i need the first 5 pages of this focused on west Africa as a region and explaining the reasons for underdevelopedment focus of the key words I’m providing here
make sure to use evidence for the arguments and use sources very relevant to West Africa
Neo colonialism- 1 page
Corruption- 1page
Bad governance- 1 page
Education- 1 page
Over population
and Structure of international political economy)- 1 page
The next 5 pages
i need the next five pages to use Cameroon as case in which we will further explore the topic on underdevelopedment
specify the reason why Cameroon is used as a case is bacause it models most of Africa in infrastructure ans culture
i will attach a couple i need you to use for Cameroon
but you might also need to find relavant sources to Cameroon specifically
always provide evidence for whatever claim you wish to pursue
for Cameroon focus on Bad governance and education rather than neo colonialism
consider exploring the question:
is Bad governance a symptom of neo- colonialism or simply a side effect of lack of education
and use contra factual methods for some arguments you wish to make
and don’t forget to look at the other side of the arguments as well and speak on that
i also want you to touch on
essentially answering the question
To what extend is Cameroonian Culture responsible for the country’s underdevelopedment?

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