You are to conduct an “Informational Interview” with a person whom you deem to h

You are to conduct an “Informational Interview” with a person whom you deem to have achieved
financial success. You should choose to interview someone you admire or want to learn more
about. Please submit a paper reporting on your findings and the specific items noted below. This
paper is to be done individually.
1. Please provide background information on the person you have selected to interview, and
indicate why you have selected this person.
2. Please describe why you view this person as successful, and cite examples/reasons for your
belief including specific examples of how they gained their financial success.
3. Please explain how you define financial “success” for the purposes of this interview.
4. Please describe the personal AND professional traits you believe one needs to display in
order to be financially successful.
5. What specific traits do you admire in the person you have selected to interview? How have
those traits influenced his/her success? What traits does he/she think are integral to his/her
6. What did you learn from this person, and how will you apply it in your own life?
7. You may NOT interview somebody that has inherited their wealth or won the lottery
1. Double spaced, 1-inch margins, and 11-pt Times New Roman font.
2. You do not need to provide a transcript of the interview.
3. Your report cannot exceed 4 pages (not including cover page) in length. If it exceeds 4
pages in length, you will receive a 10% penalty.
4. Your name, student number and section number must be indicated clearly on your
assignment. Missing items will result in a 10% penalty.
You will receive a grade out of 10 marks for this assignment. Your grade will depend on the depth
and quality of your coverage of the points listed above in the “deliverables” section. If you expect
to earn a grade of between 8-10 you must ensure you have conducted an “in-depth” interview and
presented strong insight on what it takes to be financially successful. Average responses will
receive an average grade. Marks may be deducted at the discretion of the marker if they feel that
little effort was put into this assignment.
You may NOT re-submit this assignment at a later date for any reason.

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