Your Portfolio Project is due this week. Your paper should be 4-6 pages (not in

Your Portfolio Project is due this week. Your paper should be 4-6 pages (not including the title or reference pages) based on current population health workforce trends and professional development related to population health careers. In this paper you will research and explore the positions/career options within population health, why those careers are vital to population health strategy and initiatives, and professional development opportunities available to those working in population health jobs.
You may find it helpful to conduct an initial search of population health careers via sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, or ZipRecruiter. Familiarize yourself with the different titles and job responsibilities. It is also recommended that you review the material covered in Module 1 that pertains to the population health workforce.
When researching and writing, answer the following questions:
What are three trending careers/positions within population health? (One must include research/data collection duties.)
What are some projections for the future of these careers?
What education and experience are required for these careers?
What role do these positions play in promoting population health/wellness?
What special professional development opportunities exist within population health? Review this example from the CDC.
Are any special certifications recommended/required in order to enter or advance within these careers?
In addition to completing the narrative portion, you must create an infographic or flyer that highlights one of the careers/positions you covered within the paper. Include data that you feel is most important for a comprehensive review of this position; consider what it entails and the impact it has on population health. This visual item should be placed in an appendix. You should use one of the following free programs for your visual element:
The complete paper should consist 4-6 pages, excluding the required title page, reference page, and appendix.
You must include at least six credible sources, four of which must be scholarly sources. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references. (The course textbook does not count for one of the scholarly sources.)
The CSU Global Library Guide has a research guide for Healthcare Management and Administration, along with access to databases, videos, and company and industry information.
Format your entire paper according to the CSU Global Writing Center guidelines

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