1. Essay: LO 1,2,3 An academic essay discussing the developments in methods and

1. Essay: LO 1,2,3
An academic essay discussing the developments in methods and approaches to ESOL in the past 20 years; detailing specific evidence-based strategies for ESOL teaching and learning
2. Presentation: LO 4
A presentation of teaching and learning strategies that promote the necessity and development of three non-cognitive skills in the teaching of ESOL. 10 minutes with questions and answers outside of the 10 minutes.
1. A historical overview of teaching methods and approaches
• Concept of translanguaging
2. Contributions of Neuroscience to learning
• Brain research in cognitive sciences
• Executive functions, memory and learning
• How we learn: effective learning techniques
3. Sociocultural approach to learning
• Research data on the importance of interaction, emotions and motivation for learning
4. Evidence-based teaching strategies
• Learner autonomy and learning-to-learn strategies (metacognition)
• Current teaching approaches shown to promote effective learning
5. Non-cognitive skills development
• Essential skills for personal, professional and social development
• Non-cognitive skills as an organic part of teaching strategies
• Non-cognitive skills (also referred to as soft/character/interpersonal/non-technical skills and contrasted with the cognitive/hard skills of literacy and numeracy) include personal attributes considered to be of equal importance to cognitive skills, as they lead to behaviours and strategies conducive to enhanced academic and professional outcomes.
These skills include communication, collaboration, creativity, compassion, curiosity, problem solving, leadership, motivation, self-control, resilience, and perseverance, amongst others. They may be innate characteristics of an individual but can also be developed through learning and practice.
I need an essay of 3000 words, and a Power point presentation of about 10 minutes. All the details are mentioned in the attached file.

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