Assessment Details & Guidance Assessment Details This assignment is an essay and

Assessment Details & Guidance
Assessment Details
This assignment is an essay and it comprises 100% of the assessment for this module.
Select a research topic/question that you feel would help to improve clinical patient care or outcomes. It must be related to the field of podiatry within the healthcare arena. Your submission should clearly articulate this question, the underpinning rationale for its development and the chosen methodology.
The word count must not exceed 2500 words.
Assignment Guidelines
Your essay should address the following:
A rationale for your chosen question/topic. This will include a short literature review, outlining the search strategy and justification of literature you have chosen to use as a support for your rationale of your research question:
Introduction to the research question (100-200 words)
The search strategy and identification of the chosen papers. A minimum of 5 papers would be appropriate (400-600 words)
Analysis and evaluation of the existing literature and how it supports the research question (400 – 600 words)
An explanation of the research methodology proposed and a rationale for this decision. There should also be a brief discussion about other research approaches and why these were deemed unsuitable or not appropriate:
Outline and justification for the chosen methodology (400-600 words)
Explanation of rejected methodologies (200-300 words)
A concluding paragraph which summarises the proposed research project and its possible value to the podiatry arena:
Summary of the question and methodology including the purpose of this type of research as a contribution to foot health care delivery (100 – 200 words)
Guidelines for answering the question
Write in a concise and scientific style, using subheadings to guide the reader (as underlined above)
Use a critical, analytical approach with formal, academic style writing throughout.
Avoid the use of “I” or any personalisation in your writing.
Support your work with appropriate references, using QMU Write and Cite format.
Please identify your work by student number only (no names please). This should be visible as a ‘header’ or ‘footer’ on each page of your assignment.
Please use double-line spacing, font size 11, Arial, and number your pages consecutively.
Word count
The word count for this assignment is 2500 words (+10%). Therefore, the absolute maximum limit is 2750 words. Please note that if you submit work over the word limit you may have your mark restricted to 40%. As per university assessment regulations, as a second diet, your work will be recorded in ISIS as 40%.

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