In the following module you will complete either a classroom visit or a professi

In the following module you will complete either a classroom visit or a professional interview. Please look ahead to the Module 3 written assignment and review the instructions.
In your professional circles, do you have a classroom you can visit? If you are currently working in a school facility it may be fairly easy to locate something, but please be sure to get permission and make arrangements to visit the program early in module 2.
If you are not able to locate a classroom for an informal visit, is there a professional you could interview to meet the objectives of this assignment? Please contact them and make arrangements for an informal interview early in module 3.
If this is simply not possible due to special circumstances, please indicate those special circumstances to the instructor as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made. (For example: you absolutely do not know anyone, are in the military living abroad, covid is still an issue, you are at risk, etc.)
Please describe your plan for the classroom visit/professional interview and share the document below. You should include the type of program, the date of your visit/interview, and what you will do to prepare.
Please note that due to the sensitive nature of this work, do not indicate the school, location, child, or professional by name. Pseudonyms are expected
Three clouds, labeled responsive leadership team, professional development support, and data-driven decision making, hover over a four-paneled umbrella labeled assessment, scope and sequence, activities and intervention, and progress monitoring, with a handle labeled collaborative planning.In the readings for this modules we explored the curriculum framework as a model of blended practices. For this assignment, please be sure to include and label the following topics in your paper:
1. In your own words, list and describe each of the four elements of a curriculum framework that teachers should include when developing an effective curriculum for children of diverse abilities:
scope and sequence/sorting
activities and instruction
progress monitoring
2. Explain why each of the four elements must be considered and how they each contribute to quality programming for all young children and their families.
3. Describe the differences among common outcomes for all children, targeted outcomes for some children, and individualized outcomes for particular children?
4. Select a curriculum model that you are either familiar with, or would like to learn more about. Research that model. What are the advantages/challenges when applied to inclusive settings?
General instructions:
For full credit, please be sure each component of the assignment/project is included. While the expectations vary in each module, most should be approximately 4-5 pages, with evidence the readings have been applied. All sources should be cited using appropriate APA style. This includes the text and any outside resources that are utilized.

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