Make sure to use your own words, NO copy/paste allowed. Cite all the resources y

Make sure to use your own words, NO copy/paste allowed. Cite all the resources you used appropriately.
What is a relational database model?
What is a relational schema?
What is a relational database?
What is a primary key?
What is a composite primary key?
What is a foreign key?
What is Relational database constraint?
What is an entity integrity constraint?
What is referential integrity constraint?
What are the business rules?
For this lab, you need to to create a tutorial video of yourself showing how you map the ER diagram below into a relational schema. Use the mapping guidelines listed in Chapter 3.
Your video MUST be/have:
Screen recording (Here is an example: to an external site.)
Verbal narration (explain verbally how you map each element in the ER diagram into the relational schema as you are drawing it).
Web camera on (look up how to do it, tons of online tutorial).
Missing any of the requirements above will result in a grade of zero.
Video Notes:
You MUST build the entire relational schema during the video (i.e. when you start the recording the video, your relational schema should be empty).
You can use any software to record your screen while completing this lab. I used OBS ( to an external site.) before, it seems to do the job pretty well and it is free!
You MUST use to an external site. to draw the relational schema (any other tool will not be accepted).
Practice the lab before you start recording so your video will not be long.
Video submission notes:
Upload your video to Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo (create your own account if you do not have one already).
One of the most common causes of the instructor not being able to open your video is privacy setting (e.g. your video is listed as private). Make sure to fix this before you submit the link.
The best way to test that your video will work fine at my end is to try to open the video on a device other than the one you used to upload the video. For example, try to open the video on your smart phone, tablet or a friend’s computer.

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