Question Background: ::: Class Activity: A reference for the virtuous A reputa

Question Background:
::: Class Activity: A reference for the virtuous
A reputation is something which we build over time. It is built with consistent actions and habits which others observe and experience in their interactions with us. In thinking about our character and reputation, we are aligning our values (what we think is important) with how we would like people to perceive and experience us.
The crucial question is – do we ‘walk the walk’? (or just ‘talk the talk’?).
We cannot represent honesty unless we practice it. Saying we are honest is not enough. In other words, we must be AUTHENTIC and our actions should be congruent with what we say we value.
The challenge… Let’s think about what we need to DO to align with the reputation and behaviours we would like to build and develop.
Complete the following activity to help you think about what it takes to align values with actions, or – to ‘walk the walk’.
::: Step 1:
Reflect on the values you identified in Week 1 in the ‘I Value’ worksheet – do you have anything to add or adjust? What qualities would you like to have as a person?
::: Step 2:
Create a list of things you would like be ‘known for’ as an individual and as an employee using the sentence below.
I would like to have a reputation for…
::: Step 3:
Write a paragraph of an imaginary reference for yourself which describes your character now.
:::: Question:
This week, insert the paragraph you wrote as your reference
(this was Step 3 from the ‘Reference for the Virtuous’ ACTIVITY)
Include a line or two after the reference considering what you will need to DO to be described this way.
(total 150 words)

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