The Power Point is due October 31. Here are some guides to making your PowerPoin

The Power Point is due October 31.
Here are some guides to making your PowerPoint presentation. The one listed for K. McKay is specific to this class while the other two are more generic but still very useful.
Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation pertaining to the book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
This project is NOT simply a book review. It must cover the events described in the book as well as contain a discussion of the ethical problems presented in the book from a critical perspective using knowledge you have gained from your other textbook. You will be graded on the (1) format, (2) organization/content, (3) grammar, (4) total required number of slides, and number of ethical discussion slides.
For the format you will need a title page, an outline, and a conclusion.
Organization will include how well the presentation flows, slide design, and readability.
Grammar is fairly obvious with proper spelling, tense, and punctuation.
Required total number of slides-43 minimum. This includes a title page, outline, 20 slides on the book, 20 slides of an ethical dilemma/s from the book, and a conclusion.
Required number of slides for book review-20 minimum. Discuss Lacks book contents-this is the book review section.
Required number of slides for ethical discussion-20 minimum. This content from the Lacks book and textbook will include a discussion of one or more ethical dilemmas in the Lacks book from a critical perspective.
This assignment is something for you to have fun with and to learn your way around the PowerPoint program. I would think it would be a good break from doing a standard book report. As always feel free to contact me if you have questions, but look through the examples first. Good luck!!
Here is an example of what is expected for the power point assignment:

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