The primary purpose of this assignment is to develop a specific, debatable, and

The primary purpose of this assignment is to develop a specific, debatable, and carefully supported argument about Ann Petry’s 1946 novel “The Street”
When developing your argument, remember that your paper should offer a thesis with a limited subject, a strong and clear point of view, and (hopefully) a plan of development. Under no circumstances should a student provide plot summary; Instead, steeped in analysis, students should nod to the text to orient a seasoned reader and then progress with the development and support the central argument
Students can either reference the suggested prompts below or they can create a critical guiding question of their own to center their paper.
*Notes from class must be used*
The scene opens with china giving birth
The mom doesn’t make it through giving birth to china
China went through a rough birth
Foreshadowing for when Esch gives birth
They are giving birth in a place that shouldn’t be giving birth
Poverty not clean environment
Motherhood not being romanticized but violent
Interesting bc Eschs mom didn’t give birth in a hospital and they didn’t take the pups to a vet
Pre disposition fate where you will become
Motherhood powerful and vulnerable
Why does she give in to sex at 12 years old
Forced to grow up and be mature
Junior sees the dog gives birth at his young age
They are all grown for their age
She has no mom
She has no adult figure to guide her
There is nothing near her in her environment
Lives in poverty
Environment where there is nothing to do it is normal to settle down and to mature at a young age because they have no other choices at their environment
Esch only does swimming and sex that’s the only feminie pleasure and activity she does
She makes guys cum and that makes her feel powerful
Eggs and the relation to Esch
She thinks of the eggs as her mom
Now her eggs are turning into fertilizing a baby
The eggs are hidden connects to her pregnancy she is hiding
Looking for the eggs allows her to wander and be by herself
Looking for the eggs allows her to reconnect with her mom in a way because that’s a memory she has of her
Reminds us that the need for survival and the responsibility she has is put on her at a young age
Why does Ward choose Esch to be pregnant with Manny out of all characters
Manny represents the father
Father relationship with Esch plays a big role
Mom is mothering father also the father lost a mother figure as well
Wound they all have and trying to figure out what to do with
The dad is a drunk to cope with his loss
Why does the author have all the characters hold everything in
You see a lot of single mother household
Its harder when you’re a single father you don’t want to put more on the dads place
Every day it gets worse
The days are leading up to the storm the big break down
What storm is brewing in this unique part of their family/community?
Healing is a luxury that they don’t have and move on
They all have wounds they are trying to hide and not taking care of
Randalls knee is screwed up and he can’t go get surgery cause he has no money
Skeetahs infection from trying to steal the cow food and he doesn’t do anything about it
Daddy’s hand and fingers from the accident
Esch is pregnant and she isn’t going to do something about it till she’s showing and there is nothing to do
Mom gets hand injury on fish incident and doesn’t treat it till it gets infected
China is part of family

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