This is a quick assignment 4 questions. Need it finished ASAP by 1145PM tonight.

This is a quick assignment 4 questions. Need it finished ASAP by 1145PM tonight.
Is AAVE an Appropriate Form of Speech?
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Making reference to the discussion on AAVE (African American Vernacular English) in the text and the module, and to the work done by William Labov on the subject (which demonstrated the efficiency of this form of speech), participate in the following discussion by answering the questions below (21 points). Your full series of answers should not exceed 700 words. In addition to the material from the sources mentioned above, you will need to read the article titled “Black English Matters.” Make sure to incorporate specific points made in this article, which you can access by clicking on the linkLinks to an external site..
(1) What are your thoughts on AAVE, often referred to as Ebonics? Do you perceive it as an adequate or an inadequate form of speech? Has your idea of this form of speech changed as you read the article “Black English Matters” and the section on AAVE in the text?
(2) Why is it that we, as a society, accept “inadequate” forms of English, such as those used by immigrants from European countries, but we denigrate AAVE? Do you believe there are lingering issues of racism and discrimination that influence the way in which we perceive Ebonics?
(3) Should we, as a society, accept AAVE as a valid/appropriate form of speech? It has not been the case for many years, as educators and psychologists have denounced AAVE as a factor responsible for the poor academic performance of African American students at schools.
(4) Please, cite two sections of the article “Black English Matters” which has affected (hopefully in a positive way) the way you think of AAVE.
Article Below:

Black English Matters

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