Write an essay in which you evaluate an argumentative documentary using 4 criter

Write an essay in which you evaluate an argumentative documentary using 4 criteria:
In addition to the basic parts of an essay and using MLA format, your evaluation essay should include the following:
A concise summary of the film in the introduction, answering the basic journalist’s 5Ws & 1H questions
An introduction with a +/- overall judgment with a forecast (thesis statement) based on the 4 criteria
At least one body paragraph dedicated to each of the 4 criteria in which you provide evidence and reasoning for your positive or negative evaluation of the film
Incorporate 3 reliable sources: One source is the film you are evaluating, and at least one source must be a review from a credible, trustworthy publication. Include a Works Cited page citing the three sources.
1500-word minimum. Essays that do not meet the word min. will receive a 20% in addition to any other standard deductions. Type your word count at the end of your concluding paragraph–Works Cited page is not part of word count.
Note: If you approve of everything in the film, do not simply state that you loved the film; you still need to supply evidence and reasoning for the film’s effectiveness in each of the 4 criteria.
You are not allowed to take a side on the controversy examined in the documentary. This is not an exercise where you convince us the filmmaker is right or wrong. Instead, you need to evaluate the documentary in how well or poorly it fulfills expectations in each of the four assigned criteria. Avoid using words such as good, bad, great, or terrible, and opt for more specific qualifiers. Work to identify subcategories for each criterion, refer to particular scenes/passages/instances in the film as proof for your judgment, and explain how/why those scenes serve as evidence/proof of your positive or negative judgment.

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