you will find a list of movies related to the various diversity and inclusion to

you will find a list of movies related to the various diversity and inclusion topics covered in the course. Each student should watch at least three movies. The first movie should be “The Hunger Games” (the first movie of the series), as we will use that movie to generate interesting exercises and discussions throughout the class. You may choose the other two movies considering the two topics on which you wish to focus for your final paper (for example, racism, social inequality, LGBTQ issues, gender, ageism, etc.). Your final paper will include the following components:
INTRODUCTION: List the topics selected, the movies that address each topic, and the type of organization where you will apply the “lessons learned.”
SUMMARY: Include a summary (two to three paragraphs) of the two movies you selected. Keep in mind I may not have watched the movies, and need to understand each movie’s main content.
CONNECTIONS: Tie each movie to a diversity and inclusion topic. Make sure to use references to credible sources (see “paper guidelines,” below). You may also add here “lessons learned“ from the movies, the articles/book chapters you read, and class discussions.
ETHICAL LEADERSHIP APPLICATIONS: Explain how you would apply what you learned as an ethical leader. Remember that leadership is not the same as authority. We all have the ethical responsibility to lead, wherever we are, and whatever our position may be. Keep in mind our class mantra: “What will you do with the power you were given?”
ORGANIZATIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Finally, write a series of recommendations for your organization. What should the top leadership DO to enhance inclusion and psychological safety?
Make sure your paper addresses ALL the items above.
Your paper should include a minimum of five credible reference sources (four journal articles or articles from credible sources and the textbook). These references DO NOT include the movies.
Make sure to ALSO include the movie references on the reference page. Click HERE to find out how to properly include movie references in APA style.
Your paper should follow the APA style.
Include an APA formatted COVER page. Tip: For a sample APA paper, CLICK HERE.
Each page should be numbered using the correct APA format.
Citations should be included using the proper in-text APA format e.g. (Griffin, 2019, p. xx)
An end of paper Reference Page is required (e.g. Griffin, R. W. (2019). Fundamentals of management (9th ed). Cengage Learning). Again, check the format of a properly formatted reference page on APA HERE – go to page 17).
Your sources may include peer-reviewed journal articles, credible industry publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and credible websites from research, think-tank, or academic organizations. In general, look for articles no older than five (5) years. Exception: Theoretical content may be found in older publications. See explanations of what constitutes a “Credible Source” under “Paper and Infographic Tips,” below.
In addition to the paper, and to facilitate sharing your findings with your classmates in small groups, each student will create an infographic summarizing their most important content, recommendations, and findings.
You will share the infographic with a few classmates in a virtual break room.
For confidentiality reasons, DO NOT share your organization’s name. Also, exclude any details that might identify the organization or indicate, in your discussions with colleagues, if you work in the organization or not.
You may share your screen during our meeting to share your Infographic. Please plan to share your screen even if you are attending the class face-to-face, as some classmates may be accessing our last meeting remotely.

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