Answer this question based on the articles and videos provided. Q1:What is the “

Answer this question based on the articles and videos provided.
Q1:What is the “Iron Cage” that Max Weber describes in his theory of rationalization? Can you give 2 examples where you have been trapped in an “iron cage” in real life?
Based on the articles and videos provided, comment on the points below, agree or disagree and explain your own.
The “Iron Cage” is to describe an inherent rationalization that is increasing in western capitalist societies. This theory shows how an individual is trapped or is controlled by a system or organization with efficiency only, which removes the truly meaningful contributions to society on our own. For instance, followed by the widespread use of mechanized production, for the same product, the time spent on manual production is far longer than that of machine production. For consumers, they can get a product with less money, but less meaning as well. However, for the producer, mass production inevitably leads to aesthetic fatigue, in which the final purpose of their job is to survive and earn money. Moreover, contemporary people like to do things for certain purposes and keep moving forward, but they ignore many landscapes along the way. Sometimes it is not just to accomplish something that is powerful, but every process we go through is new learning. The process allows us to add the link of thinking so that new ideas will emerge. Just like we work in a restaurant, in addition to reducing the pressure on our spending, it is important that we can learn communication skills and make more friends during this period as well.
The “iron cage” described by Max Weber in his rationalization theory refers to the fact that the whole modern society presents and its attributes, while people are seen as parts of a machine, and this tendency becomes the basic feature of the modern social system, which Weber summarized as the “iron cage. We have to be quality parts in a competitive society. For the iron cage, though cold and unforgiving, is indeed the basis of modern superior material conditions. It restrains us while at the same time sheltering us. In real life, my struggle to study a profession I don’t particularly like is an example of being trapped in an iron cage. Even though I don’t like my major, I have to continue to study hard because I want to have better job opportunities and higher salary in the future. At the same time I am working part-time is also an example of being trapped in a cage, I am working as a waiter in a restaurant, standing for more than 8 hours a day and the salary is not very high, but I am still trying to keep doing it and trying to do it well. I think few people will really work for their own interests, most people in life are trying to turn themselves into good “parts” of the society in order to live, but there is nothing wrong with that. Sobriety is the only way to get real strength, since as well as trapped in it can not break free, it is better to break the pessimism and face the truth. I hope we can all try to be strong and face life.

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