Book “The Street” by Ann Petry The primary purpose of this assignment is to deve

Book “The Street” by Ann Petry
The primary purpose of this assignment is to develop a specifc, debatable, and carefully supported arguement about Ann Petry’s 1946 nevel The Street
WHen developing your arguement, remember that your paper should offer a thesis with a limited subject, a strong and clear point of view, and hopefully a plan of development. Under no circumstances should the student provide a. plot summary. Instead, stepped in anaylsis, students should nod to the text to orient a seasoned reader and then progress with the development and support of the central arguement
Overall, the paper should showcase careful consideration of our ongoing classdialogue, should demonstrate close reading skills and general reading comprehension, and should display an ability to express ideas clearly, cohesively, andpersuasively through written communication.
Class notes:
Dominant males
American dream
LUTIE has just been assaulted
Pure morality doesn’t mean they are immune to one bad day
Environment shapes situation
Time period wasn’t made to succeed
Faith doesn’t work out
Value system
Minn leaves because her values wasn’t worth what she was going through
Miss chandler choices not to mother
Lutie is given the option to not mother
Lutie is all about individualism
That has positioned her life
Lutie always turned down other opportunities because she didn’t want the help
She turned down the community, and other black woman
She wanted to do it alone
She did have options and a support system and she abandoned everything and even her son and now he has no choice but to be apart of that world
Perception of black boys
Which kids get to really be kids
Who gets a childhood
Lutie focuses too much on the American capitalism dream
She didn’t focus on teaching her kid about morality and don’t talk to strangers don’t let anyone in the house
Will always have a barrier in the way
Why does petty have cutie kill boots and not gentile
Symbolic because it would be her overcoming white privellage
Black on black crime in Harlem is what it looks like now
Black people perceive to be like this
hatered of black people
Look up to white families
She hates the life she was born into because deep down she knows she has no chance
Internalizes the lessons of white surpemicicts
Gentile isn’t heard from in the book
He owns the street
He is invisible
Categorized as gray and not standing out
Ghostly like presence
He holds all the power
On a higher playing field
Her killing him wouldn’t be represented over her killing someone available
Gentile is part of ben franklins secret society
Gentile is untouched
Compares herself to ben Franklin and she forgets that he was male and white
She is a black woman
Who benefits from their hard work
Fuel for someone else to point to
To say someone else can be like that

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