Diamond Johnson: The most important P in The Marketing Mis to me is Product, Th

Diamond Johnson:
The most important P in The Marketing Mis to me is Product, This represents an item or service designed to satisfy customer needs and wants. I feel this is most important because it has to be thought about in every step of The Marketing Mix. I also feel like it’s where you have to put the most thought about the customer or what the people actually want. It makes the entire process of connecting with customers and generating sales possible. The product provides the beneficial need to the customer and serves the whole purpose of the marketing effort. Without an actual product you don’t even have a place in marketing. You can’t even move forward to Price, Place and Promotion without something that doesn’t exist or has a high demand, which would be the Product. Product is also important to me because it determines the image of your business and brand.
Moving forward as I watched the Starbucks commercial I feel that they were really trying to target a specific audience which is the lgtbq community. They want that community to know that they support their decision on their sexuality and specifically in the commercial trans people to identify as what they prefer to identify. Since Starbucks thing is putting people’s names on their cups to give a sense of empowerment; on the commercial we see this trans male who hates his first name which is a female’s name. Then towards the end the main character gets to go to Starbucks and have his name at least be what he wants to be called there. In my opinion i guess Starbucks want people to know that they are accepting of any and everybody and as you see they are clearly trying to reach out to the lgbtq community which I honestly thing that this promotion wouldn’t make their sales go up or down because there were already every type of person buying Starbucks. I mean you may have a handful of that community that would be moved by the commercial but i just don’t see the effectiveness or necessity of the commercial. Nor do I feel it would have a big impact on the brand as they may have thought it would.
Viviane Rivera-Gonzalez : Happy Thursday night everyone!
For me our of the 4 P’s I felt like promotion is the most important. How a business promotes itself is how you determine if customers with support your business or not. It’s the WOW factor. Whenever I go into a store, it’s important for me to see why it’s so great to shop there. For example Publix any commercial you see regarding Publix super stores is always catered to good fresh food, great bogo deals, and superior customer service. Those promotions on the tv always remind me that yeah, I’ve never had a bad experience at Publix.
The Starbucks commercial was so beautiful to me. You could tell how well thought out that was and how captivating it was. Each scene made me think okay are they going to get his name right, or he seems so disappointed I hope he gets to be called by he correct name soon. Then you see him at Starbucks and he was able to say James, James is my name and they without a doubt called him that. No question, no hassle just James. It shows there is inclusiveness and equality. Who you chose to go by is your business and they don’t say no or ask for some ID. It’s probably why Starbucks is so well known. It was very effective in getting their point across. I would for sure visit Starbucks just because it makes me feel like they would treat me as me.

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