HR360Inc. (2018, October 12). Five steps to successful workforce planning [Video

HR360Inc. (2018, October 12). Five steps to successful workforce planning [Video]. YouTube.

Strategic Business Development. (2015, August 29). Creating an effective workforce plan [Video]. YouTube.

As the Vice President of Talent Acquisition, you will be creating a recruitment strategy for your firm. This firm can be an organization
of your choice or a fictitious firm created by you. The COO of your organization approached you to discuss workforce supply and
demand challenges. The COO would like to particularly focus on one department (this could be a department of your choice, i.e.
marketing, operations, manufacturing, services, etc.), and conduct a full workforce analysis on that department. The analysis will be
presented to the executive leadership of that department. In your analysis, please follow the four SHRM recommended workforce
analyses. Your presentation should include the following components:
● Mission, vision, and strategic goals of the organization. Be sure to include the organization’s role utilizing mindfulness,
dialogue, and collaboration, to accomplish the organizational goals.
● Supply analysis: Here you will evaluate the current resources such as demographics of employees-Full/Part-time, salaries of
each employee in that department, etc.
● Demand Analysis: Evaluate the future needs of the organization based on its mission, vision, and/or strategic goals.
Determine what jobs are anticipated, and also the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs), needed for each job.
● Gap Analysis: Compare the supply and demand analysis and identify the gaps. You will see areas where there is a deficit in
talent/KSAs and others where there is a surplus.
● Solutions Analysis: Here you will discuss how and when the organization will fill the gaps.
● Rationale: explain why your recommendations address the gaps and would be effective.

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