The History of Policing in the United States, Part 1

How did police develop in the United States?
What existed in Northeastern Cities like New York and Boston before “modern, professional” police and why did
this change?
What are the origins of policing in the South?
What role did “disorder” play in the evolution of American policing, and who defined this order?
What did they hope to achieve by implementing policing, and at whose expense?
Give concrete examples. What were the negative characteristics of early modern police departments?
How did the “professionalism” reform movement of the early 20th century seek to address issues of corruption, the political influence of law enforcement, and police brutality?
What specific reforms did they put in place?
What were the downsides of police professionalization? What new issues did it bring?
What caused the birth of the community policing movement?
According to the author, what has been the effect of policing on addressing crime?

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