Research topic is on Hospitals and Health Systems are navigating historic financ

Research topic is on Hospitals and Health Systems are navigating historic financial and operational pressures.
Assigned Statement: Identifies the assigned topic/statement.
Methods: Identifies the source of the research material used by the student. Examples include the ProQuest database, Google searches, newspaper articles reviewed, library resources, etc.
Discussion: This is the heart of the assignment. You will create a bulleted list of 10 points representing the most critical information from the research supporting the theme of the assigned statement topic. The importance of this section is that each bulleted list item will serve as the outline for a paper that the student will create for the second part of this assignment which is due October 29. Each bulleted list item can be one or two sentences and must represent a vital point the research identifies without going into detail. Sources for each statement will be shown as an inline citation consistent with the APA format. Students must be familiar with the APA format for this and future assignments.
Reference List: Lists the references used in this paper and is consistent with the APA format. Note: with the APA format, this section is called a reference section and not a bibliography.
Assignment Guidelines
A successful paper is based on quality and not quantity.
The research was appropriate and adequately supported the topic being investigated. (25)
Items on the bulleted list conveyed an accurate reflection of the assigned topic and provides a good foundation for a future fully developed research paper (50)
Assignment instructions followed, including proper use of APA format with inline citations (25)

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