This needs to be a group presentation (of 2 people). With approximately 6 slides

This needs to be a group presentation (of 2 people). With approximately 6 slides each (x2) and extra for referencing, so between 12-14slides in total.
The presentation is about comparing 2 business plans and their weaknesses and strenghts. It needs comments and recommendations in a critical and analytical way on each others as well. It is necessary to talk about them separately so speaker notes are vital during the presentation.
There is an example uploaded to follow.
Please do not hesitate to message if more info is required, apologies on this last minute urgency and please help, thank you in advance!
2. Task Two – Group Presentation (30% of the total marks)
You pair with another student in the same module. You study each other’s business plan. You make comments and recommendations to each other. You do an online presentation to present the two business plans plus your comments and recommendations in a critical and analytic manner.
When presenting your business plan, I look for the style of “pitching”, i.e. assuming you are in the front of a panel of investors, how do you persuade them to invest on your business plan?
Tutorial will be given in week 9 and 10
*If you may want to/have to have a larger group, three people would be the maximum. It is the same arrangement as the above but you will have 15 minutes.
Online presentation – in week 12,
2.1 Components of Presentation
Your presentation is expected to deliver as such
1. Presentation of personal business plan
2. Comments on the strength and weakness of partners business plan
3. Switch the role to present the recommendation
4. jointly, you compare the two cases and present your learning outcomes from the two cases
When designing the presentation, I ask you to consider how to make it interesting, interacting and dynamic.
You are strongly advised to use various multi-media tools or animations to do so.
For example,
and/or, insert very short video clips into your presentation
2.3 Managing group work and marking criteria (Appendix 2)
This is a group activity and you will be awarded the same mark for each element you submit. It is expected that all group members will fully contribute to the presentation.
You will need to demonstrate that all group members are actively involved in the development of your presentation. Accordingly, you are required to keep a group log book, which provides the evidence of the research and the studies you have undertaken together and a record of your group activities that did not happen on your Minerva group area. This group log book may be regularly checked by the module tutor. It needs to be regularly updated in your group area on Minerva.
Marks are awarded for the quality of teamwork displayed by the design and delivery of your presentation. In particular, it is expected that you should:
• Demonstrate your contributions to the group project;
• Demonstrate that you have worked as a team in doing the project as well as the presentation;
• Ensure that all team members are engaged and are involved to an equal degree in the design and delivery of the presentation;
• Ensure that the presentation is nicely designed, well-prepared, clearly communicated, fully engaged and interactive
Nevertheless, individual mark may be given based on peer-review and the review of the module tutor if there is a dispute. If your group members and/or your tutor feel that you have not contributed sufficiently to your group’s activities, you may FAIL this part of the assessment. The evidence is based on your presentation; your Minerva group area, evidence of communications between your group members and with the tutor; and other evidence that you provide. You are strongly recommended to create a “Group Contract” to manage your group work. Please report to the tutor as early as possible if you have any problems in your group work.
If you fail, you will be given an individual assignment to make up the loss at a later date and you will receive a maximum mark of 40%.

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