To help you cultivate an understanding of the individual in African history, you

To help you cultivate an understanding of the individual in African history, you will create a historical avatar from 15th-19th c. Africa and place her/him in a hypothetical video game, film, painting or other visual setting. The assignment can emphasize either creative art or written text. Start by choosing your avatar’s name, age, gender, location, and social status to include at the top of the assignment. Then create a visual or write a paragraph on the environment surrounding your avatar: What sort of landscape do they see? What other objects or people are around them? What is the plot setting (war, day-to-day life, etc.)? Narrate a piece of the story from her/his perspective, in the first person, at that point in history. Invent personality traits, attitudes, and experiences for your avatar, but make sure they are factually accurate and historically plausible.
Grading criteria:
– Must include demographic information at the top of your assignment that clearly corresponds with the historical content presented. For example, the age and gender of your avatar will inform their daily tasks and the region they live in will inform their diet. This must all be historically accurate as well.
– You must properly cite the readings (including page numbers if applicable) from which you have drawn information and inspiration, with a minimum of 3 different sources. Your sources can be either from our course or outside readings.
– The final product should be between 400-600 words for written media; for non-written media, include a written description to explain the visual of at least 150 words.
– Your writing is proofread and generally follows appropriate grammar rules

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