1500 words each 1st ESSAY: 1500 words medical academic essay. college level of

1500 words each
1st ESSAY:
1500 words medical academic essay. college level of comprehensive. must have medical writing capability and experience. level of comprehension*
Please note this is for quantity TWO articles, minimum 1500 words each.
This assignment is to write the 2 remaining articles in this 3-article series. The focus of this 3 article series is the health benefits and specifically the age rejuvenation benefits of removal of a persons “old signaling” plasma profile) and replacing it with saline or saline + albumin as a means to rejuvenate the body through removal of inflammatory cytokines, plasma proteins that signal aging, etc. It is basically what all the materials attached are about.
I would like the blogs to be SEO optimized and a strong argument for the yFFP and the plasma dilution. We are doing these in our clinic and are part of an IRB protocol called Golden Gift Study (I have included the Institutional Review Board (IRB) stuff for info, as well the stuff from the Standford University Researchers). ApeironZOH.com and Apeironcenter.com are our main websites and Apeiron.store is our supplement store.
Article 1. Plasma dilution (already completed. Attached for you as example. Please follow same format)
Article 2: The goal would be to explain the above benefits of yFFP
Article 3: To show that there is greater benefit over plasma dilution alone and then mention the other option of adding young exosomes to the saline or albumin return with plasma dilution as another potentially better option to plasma dilution alone.
For your references, be sure to insert links and also list the references at bottom. Just like the 1st article in the series. I need to ensure that the attached materials were used for your citations/references.

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