Analysis of federal, state, or county public health program designed to improve

Analysis of federal, state, or county public health program designed to
improve health outcomes and manage financial risk for the targeted population. (40
points) Due: Session 6
This paper should be 5−10 pages in length (not counting reference pages and
appendices). It should focus on a current news article, briefing, or other source describing
a new program or system that has been or will be implemented with the goal of
improving health outcomes through a new model of care. The paper should reference
relevant required course readings to date.
It should include the following:
• A description of the population being targeted, including size of the population
• A description of the current or former system by which this population was being
o Include details about services, providers, and funding mechanism
• A description of the new program or system to better support the population
• A description of the new program or system’s goals — both clinical and financial,
including details about how metrics will be used to measure outcomes
• An analysis evaluating the new approach. For example, what are its strengths and
weaknesses? How is this program different or unique from other programs
addressing the same issue? What gaps exist in the new model, or how could it be
• Analyze the framework using the Sanctuary Model:
o Is addressing inequity, adversity, and the impact of trauma an explicit
focus of the model? If not, should it be?
o Please pick one tenet of the Sanctuary Model which you identify as an
area of growth for your selected program. Explain your selection, describe
what is being done in this area now, if anything, and explain why it is a
gap that needs to be addressed. Areas include:
 Growth and Change
 Democracy
 Nonviolence
 Emotional Intelligence
 Social Learning
 Open Communication
 Social Responsibility
• Finally, propose 1−3 recommendations to fill identified gaps, address Sanctuary
Model areas of weakness, or otherwise improve the new model
• In your submission include the original source (does not count toward page limits)
• Final document should be submitted as a Word doc (not PDF or any other
format); APA format should be followed and your paper must use proper
grammar and syntax.
Assignment 2: Program development and design (45 points) Due: Session 15
This group assignment will include two parts:
1. A written program description: 8−10 written pages plus excel attachment,
including the following:
a. Overview of the entity or organization proposing the program
b. Overview of the population to be targeted, including size and geography, and Ignore the last paragraph that’s for a different paper.

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