Critical Assignment: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation. California AB 109, Propos

Critical Assignment: Narrated PowerPoint Presentation. California AB 109, Propositions 47 and 57 and their effects on the Criminal Justice System.
California has undertaken criminal justice reform on many levels to address rising prison population, including shifting state prisoners to county jail facilities. The voters of California have spoken and the “get tough on crime” initiatives have been altered. This critical assignment is 3-fold. Students will research California AB 109 (prison realignment), and California voter approved propositions 47 and 57. Students will conduct research on the currently reported and debated outcomes of realignment, and propositions, comparing and contrasting points of view, then discuss whether AB 109, propositions 47 and 57 are working as intended. In addition, Christian leaders have opinions about the effectiveness of these initiatives. You will be required to include a faith integration section providing an analysis of these views. At the conclusion of the paper, students will be required to provide a valid and detailed argument either supporting the changes or defending commentary on the need to change these 3 initiatives that have placed California criminal justice in debate?
Use your research to answer the following questions, 1) What is AB 109 and its effect on the State of California prison population? 2) What are the intended benefits from State of California propositions 47 and 57? 3) Provide a discussion on any unintended consequences of AB 109, along with propositions 47 and 57 to the people of California? 4) The big question: are these laws in California working as intended; especially in light of voter approved changes; 5) What are Christian leaders teaching their congregations about these laws? The bible should be cross-referenced to your thoughts / research findings. 6) What modification, if any, in your researched opinion are recommended to the people of California.
There is NO PAPER required for this assignment, just a narrated PowerPoint.
Please disregard ANY reference in the rubric about the paper requirments.The narrated PowerPoint must show evidence of research that goes beyond Internet websites and the class textbook. The exemplary submission requires a minimum of 8 references to receive full credit. Wikipedia is not permitted. The narrated PowerPoint, should not to exceed 10-minute PowerPoint presentation about your assignment.
See RUBRIC attached

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