Please write a Second draft with intext citation First draft link : https://docs

Please write a Second draft with intext citation
First draft link :
Primary text :
Textual sources : two attached files
Total 4-5 pages (need rewrite, edit and additional writing)
“You will articulate the intellectual problem presented to you by your interpretation of your primary text. You will then reflect on the implications of that problem by drawing on insights from another text of your own choosing and, if you wish, from your own experiences or expertise. Ultimately, you will write an essay that communicates your inquiry and conveys the idea you generate through this process to your audience.
While you will express your own perspective and thought process, you must also demonstrate close attention to the textual evidence by representing its explicit claims and interpreting its significance.”
You must incorporate evidence from 2 textual sources (your primary text and at least one other text). You are welcome to incorporate further sources, including experiential evidence.
Comments (for first draft)
1. Do not try to fit Li into a story that doesnt fit her
2. How does Li see her experience of coming to us
How does she interpret her process of language transition
3. She doesnt seem to see it as the same kind of social process like other writers do (parkhong and rodriquez)
4. Reconsider Li and try to ground your description of her in more evidence from her and then when you come to frame your problem, step away from Li and express your own perspective – what is strange to you about Li? Why do you think Li could be in interesting opportunity?
5. Think about more general question of language and identity and immigration in Us and then you can turn to Rodriquez and park hong more clarity of what you are trying to – what kinds of answers you are looking for from that?

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