Remember Sally Social Worker? She is a school social worker at fictional Fayette

Remember Sally Social Worker? She is a school social worker at fictional Fayetteville High School
where she has multiple clients with behavioral problems. The girls are doing well, but the boys are not so she has asked her colleague Bob to help by adding the boys to his caseload. While working with
Bob, the boys have shown improvement.
Remember the Ma’at Gang Diversion Program?
You created it at your field placement to disrupt the recidivism of the gang members who keep being sent to the agency by basing your program on an Afrocentric framework.
Remember the grading
schema I created for the Research Methods class several years ago where half of the class started
with an A while the other half had to earn an A traditionally?
All of those interventions would be some form of an experimental study.
This week you will locate an empirical social work journal article on a topic of interest to you (must be related to social work practice) and answer the following questions:
What is the rationale/purpose of the study?
What is/are the research question(s)?
What are the IV and DV?
What type of research design is used in the study?
What are the major findings?
What are the study’s limitations?
What are the implications for practice and/or research?
What are your thoughts about the study?
The assignment requires you to upload the article you chose (as a pdf) along with your answers to
the questions.
It is important that you adhere to the following guidelines for writing up your review:
The literature review is narrative so do not type the question then type the answer.
This should be in paragraph format (just like it is in actual articles).
The final question about your
thoughts needs to have a substantive answer.
Engage the article as a future practitioner and scholar who might read this for the work you are doing and provide critical, thoughtful feedback about it (good or bad).
You will need to use proper APA formatting and appropriate grammar, spelling, and general mechanics of writing for the assignment.
Be sure to proofread.
If you use direct quotes (avoid doing this as often as possible), be sure to use proper citation format
to avoid plagiarism.
Ensure that your name is at the top of the paper (you do not need a cover sheet or abstract).
If the article is not attached with the literature review or attached in some format other than a pdf, you will
only receive partial credit for the assignment.
PLEASE NOTE: no late assignments will be accepted.

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