STATE – Beginning – Introduction with Main point and subpoints to prove or be di

STATE – Beginning – Introduction with Main point and subpoints to prove or be discussed
EXAMPLE – Middle – Supporting evidence, quotes, research, arguments
EXPLAIN – End – Conclusion
By utilizing the simple formatting of an essay, one can pretty much organize an argument about anything, whether off the top of their head or through a very carefully crafted argument. Both require thought, a beginning/middle/and end, a main point, supporting evidence to suit your argument, and a conclusion to tie everything together for the reader and act, or think, or make changes to their own lives.
A blog post also needs an engaging title to let the reader know what they are about to read. It needs short headings relating to the topic to let the reader know how each section ties together, and proper spacing to help the reader break the communication up in to small bite-sized chunks they can read at their leisure.
The formatting of a great blog post would have the following parts:
TITLE (7-9 words in Title Case)
INTRODUCTION (1 -2 paragraphs, including main point and sub points)
CONCLUSION (Summary of how you proved your main point with evidence/research)
ASSIGNMENT – DUE October 04, 2022
Choose the following topic to write your blog post about:
3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Covid-19
Write a 1.5-page, properly formatted blog post submission, including your own unique title, introduction section, 5 supporting evidence/argument sections with headings, and a conclusion that ties everything together. Each blog post should utilize essay format, and will be scrutinized for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Please also include a 1- page outline, in point form, to show how you created your topic and formulated your argument.

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